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2014 Summer Camp

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          I can’t wait ’till I can go to camp!
                          Look at these exciting options!


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Adventure Connection - Soar to new heights with Adventure Connection.  Each day you will tackle a high adventure task.  It could be hiking, climbing, rafting or wherever the spirit of adventure can takes us.  Experts will be there to instruct you on the best practices for making the most out of your adventure.  Available location Timbercrest Camp.

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Bond, Jill Bond, Spy Camp - If you choose to accept this mission you will learn the art of code breaking, evidence collection, and spy maneuvers!  Look through the night vision goggles and use all of your team skills to solve the mission of the day.

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Call of the Wild Jr. – First time campers or seasoned outdoors women, this camp is for you! All of the great outdoor fun like hiking, s’mores, singing, scavenger hunts and telling stories are just the start to your amazing camp adventure.  Available location Timbercrest Camp.

Call of the Wild - The nature network is waiting for you.  Learn about the wilderness, its inhabitants, and the skills you need to impress your parents on your next camping trip!  Hike, explore, star gaze, and take in the extraordinary scenery.  River rafting at Timbercrest Camp if conditions allow. Casper travels to the Casper Family Aquatic Center. Campfires are on the agenda pending 2014 fire restrictions.

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Creation Station - Pottery-Art-Music all wrapped into one camp.  Let your imagination flow as you create a clay masterpiece, bring a canvas to life with color and let the music play as you explore vast music categories.

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CIT l-(Counselor in Training) Share your love for the outdoors and Girl Scouts.  Use your leadership skills to be a mentor and guide young girls to develop courage, confidence, and character while showing them all that camp has to offer.  CIT I is designed for girls in grades 10-12 to utilize their outdoor and leadership skills.  After training, the girls will work with counselors assisting in program and activity implementation, team-building, and being a role model to younger Girl Scouts.  Campers will earn their CIT I pin.

CIT II (Counselor in Training)

Prerequisite: CIT I

Take the next step in leadership development and travel down the camp staff path.  CIT ll participants will work with staff to develop their own camp initiative and goals.  CIT ll will look in-depth at the operations and development of a summer camp program.  Girls will have the opportunity to concentrate in a particular area of interest such as program specialist, camp administrator, or outdoor specialist.

Flip flops

Duct, Duct, Diva - A sticky situation? No way!

Duct, Duct Diva is here with the latest and greatest colors and patterns of duct tape and you are free to travel the tape creation path. Flip flops, fashion accessories and flowers are just some of the fun projects you will take home.


Fairy Wings and Princess Things In a land far, far away is a place called Girl Scout Camp.  This is a land where fairies and princesses gather for a special fairy ball and receive their very own set of wings.  Meet at the magical lodge for princess tea and then explore camp for the best places to build houses for the resident fairies.


 Lollypop girls

G.O.! (Girls Only) Experience camp with your favorite female family member or friend.  This shortened session lets girls experience the camp scene with the security of their camp companion.  Enjoy a few evenings away from home and you choose what art, outdoor, science, game and Girl Scout activities to participate in that will craft your most memorable weekend.

Note: Each adult registering for this camp as a female companion to the camper must be 18 years or older; complete a separate camp registration form and send it with the camper’s registration; and be a registered Girl Scout.

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The Great Escape Are you ready for this? Camp with a twist.  You will have the great outdoor experience on the camp-site but you and your camp mates will travel off-site each day to a special location.  This could be an escapade to a museum, wilderness outing, explore a ghost town or an adventure activity.  Note: The specialty camp only has 10 spots available.


Nite Owls - Campers will experience all the fun of a traditional camping session in a whole new way. By staying up late campers will be able to explore wonders of the natural world; its sights; creatures; and sounds that often go unnoticed by day dwellers.  Night hikes, snacks, flashlight tag, glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunts and star gazing are all included in this nocturnal camp.  Don’t worry; you’ll get to sleep in.  Available location Timbercrest Camp.

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Rustic Relaxation - Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while being invigorated with Yoga, smoothies, and healthy living.  Breathe in the fresh air and balance your mind and body.  Learn about aroma therapy, good eating habits, and what makes a natural facial mask.  Wellness and de-stressing are top priorities in this peaceful setting.

SciGirls Come and investigate a world of possibilities in science and technology.  Don’t think you have to be a chemistry whiz to attend!  SciGirls explore the aspects of science that are found in nature, the kitchen, fashion, and more.  Make snow in the summer, find germs under a black light, and figure out what animal track belongs to what forest creature. Spend a week of imagination and invention while discovering the possibilities of science.

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Silver Spurs I- Howdy cowgirls! Camp Sacajawea and Reach 4A Star Riding Academy are the exclusive Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming location to learn the basics of horsemanship.  The academy offers a safe and fun environment for girls to experience equine care and grooming, show etiquette and attire, proper tack upkeep, and most of all riding!  This introductory class will focus on building a relationship with a horse and taking your horse through the paces; displaying control while walking/trotting.  This camp can be taken multiple times as the skills required to feel comfortable in Silver Spurs II are not likely to be acquired if this course is the only outlet for riding skills development. Available location Camp Sacajawea.

 Horse and horseshoe2

Silver Spurs II- Prerequisite: Silver Spurs I (additional riding opportunities is suggested as only attending Silver Spurs I once may not have the participant comfortable at this advanced level of riding).

This horse camp is offered to the very experienced rider.  Girls must be comfortable trotting (sitting/posting) independently in an indoor and outdoor arena setting as much of the riding time is devoted to these practices.  This camp is designed to build on the skills the rider already has received in experiences in Silver Spurs I.  Girls will take their riding to the next level by learning to lope and having a solid seat in the saddle.  Also girls will experience barrel patterns, trail ride, and learn keyhole races.  Available location Camp Sacajawea.

sail boat

Swim, Splash, and Sail I - Discover Canyon Ferry Lake in Helena, Montana and its water majesty!  You will have fun in the water from sun up to sun down!  The sailing instructor will provide the essential tools you need to navigate the water and become familiar with a sailing craft.  Water play, fishing, paddle boating and games are all happening when not at the helm of the boat.  Girls must be able to tread water or float on their backs for five minutes and swim 100 yards to attend this camp.*

Swim, Splash, and Sail ll  -This is an advanced camp for those that have three or more years of sailing experience!  Attending Swim, Splash, and Sail I does not qualify you for Swim, Splash, and Sail ll unless you possess the 3+ years of sailing experience.  Explore coves and Cemetery Island while you and the crew take turns being Skipper!  An 18’ sailing vessel will be your vehicle to new adventures.  Fishing, water sports, and cookouts round out the day!  Girls must be able to tread water or float on their backs for five minutes and swim 100 yards to attend this camp. *

Swim, Splash, and Sail Try-It This shortened camp will give you a taste of being out on the open water and the amazing adventures Canyon Ferry Lake has to offer.  If you love the lake but never tried to sail this is a great opportunity to “try-it” and see if you are a natural nautical captain! *

* NOTE – Swim, Splash, and Sail I, II & Try-It are held at a primitive camp with no running water or flushing toilets! Campers will sleep in shore side cabins.  Girls will need to bring a properly sized life vest.  All meals will be made outdoors. These camps are available at Sailing and Water Sports Camp.

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Tribute Camp Learn how to survive in the wilderness, like your favorite characters from The Hunger Games!  Trail marking, outdoor cooking (fire restrictions allowing), orienteering, bird calls, and knots are just a few of the skills being offered.  Return back to your district a hero with these amazing outdoor abilities!

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Un-Camp - This is an experience like no other.  Dance party night, breakfast for dinner, and no alarm clocks are just a few of the features at Un-Camp.  Participants will have a truly Girl-Led experience by meeting at Camper Circle and collectively deciding the adventures of the day.  Available location Camp Castle Rock.




 Do you still have questions about camp? Contact JuDee at 800-736-5243 or judeeo@gsmw.org.

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