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BFF ~ Be A Friend First

When girls are mean to one another, you often don’t see anything at all. But you can feel it. The cliques. The eye-rolling. The taunting. The rumors. Making you feel invisible.

It’s still bullying.

Right now, when girls are bullied, almost no one intervenes.

It’s time to be part of the change. Sometimes, when girls stand up for one another, the bullying stops immediately. Like, within 10 seconds!

BFF gives you the tools to feel safe at school, online, and everywhere in between.

We teach you to recognize bullying. To resolve conflicts. To boost your confidence. To deal with mean girls and cliques. To be a better friend. To have better friends. To find the right words to stop bullying—once and for all.

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When you know more about bullying, you can make a stand when it starts, and stop it before it gets worse. You’ll learn how to be a better friend, and help the girls you know feel safe and confident about being themselves. You’ll feel better about yourself, too! Take this quiz to test your bullying IQ, so you can fight the problem by being part of the solution! Test your “Bullying IQ”


It’s never too late to learn how to BFF (Be a Friend First). You can find the right words to stop bullying, once and for all. Watch a video and get the real deal on bullying from Girl Scouts who face the same tricky situations you do.  When you know how to resolve conflicts, you can be the first to say, “It doesn’t have to be like this!” You’ll gain the confidence to be a better friend and have better friends, too.

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Are you a School or District Administrator?   BFF  enhances girls’ written communication, character development, and service learning  skills, among others. See connections to your state’s and national curriculum standards.

BFF is being used in Montana and Wyoming.  who have used the aMAZE! program in their schools. If you would like more information about starting BFF in your school, please email, or call the GSMW office.

Watch what other school administrators say about BFF:

Are you a parent or girl who wants to bring BFF to your middle  school or community?   Contact  your local Girl Scout council and let them know that you want BFF! In Montana and Wyoming, please email

And in the meantime, there are BFF activities  online—games, quizzes, stories from real girls, and more!