2012 Cookie Training Webinar Schedule

GSMW Blog — Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming @ 11:49 am

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming invite Troop Leaders and Service Unit Team Members to a 2012 Cookie Training Webinar.

The Cookie Training webinars will discuss the new 2012 theme, introduce the new cookie, Savannah Smiles, explain Cookie Club Usage and the Cookie Locator, Incentives and a brief overview of the program.

e-Budde for beginners will help new leaders sign on to our on-line ordering system and explain the different tabs and the functionality of the program.

e-Budde Refresher will explain the new updates for 2012 and briefly review the individual tabs.

Webinar Dates

Cookie Training Webinar Schedule is as follows:

  • February 1st – e-Budde for Beginners
  • February 7th – Cookie Training
  • February 9th – e-Budde Refresher
  • February 21st – e-Budde Refresher
  • February 23rd – e-Budde for Beginners

All Webinar training times will be at 6:30 pm

To access the webinar, click this link, and enter the passcode 954432752.

Or, for audio over the phone, dial 1-800-582-3014, and enter the passcode 954432752

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