Can’t make it to Cheyenne for the final Journey Through Girl Scouting event?

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Then Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming will help you bring the 100th Anniversary party to your community.  Celebrate 100 years of Courage, Confidence, and Character by joining the Finale Flash mob! What better way to applaud our “herstory” than to sing in the next century of Girl Leadership.

Every Girl Scout and Girl Scout supporter is invited to participate in the inaugural GSMW Flash Mob!  Here’s how you do it:

  • Identify a public space for your performance (shopping center, public building, public park—anywhere in your community where the public gathers and where you would have an audience)
  • Identify a photographer who will document your performance and submit the photos and/or video to GSMW
  • Download and distribute the songs and dance moves to the song “Ignite” from the GSMW web site.   This song was written for the Girl Scout 100th Anniversary by Melinda Caroll, a life time member of Girl Scouts, and performed at the Rock The Mall event in Washington D.C.  Be as creative as you can with your performance.
  • Designate a lead performer to begin and lead the performance – this way everyone has a visual starting point and begins together.  The leader may or may not want to bring the recording of the song as accompaniment.  It is up to you to each decide what is in your performance!
  • Invite your troop or service unit, friends, family or whomever you wish to join you at your designated performance site shortly before noon on Saturday, August 18.  Instruct your “mob” that a flash mob is meant to be unexpected and sudden.  The public should not be aware that they are about to be entertained.  All of your “mob” should try to look as nonchalant as possible before the performance begins.  Do not line up or gather around the area waiting to get started.  Keep cameras tucked away until the performance has begun.  For example, if you are planning to use a local shopping mall, performers should appear to be shopping until 12 noon.  Then, the lead performer begins and everyone joins in.
  • Distribute the lyrics and dance moves to all performers and ask them to practice.  If you are able to arrange a group practice, please do so.  Be as creative with the material as you wish.
  • Assemble your group before the noon hour and, at noon, start singing and dancing.
  • Send in your flash mob photos to for inclusion in the Finale Flash Mob! feature.

We hope that at least 100 “mobs” will join in this final celebration of the 100 year birthday.  Any community may host one or more performance groups.

Help us demonstrate the powerful presence of girls and honor the Girl Scout legacy of leadership.   Be the first in your community to organize a Finale Flash Mob!   Gather your resources here get started.


Download the ‘Finale Centennial Sing – A – Long‘ songbook!

The Finale Flash Mob! August 18th 12 – 1 pm, your community, coincides with the Finale Centennial Sing – A – Long on the steps of the Wyoming Capitol building.  This is open and free to all Girl Scouts and Girl Scout supporters.  Following the Sing – A – long is the Final Journey Through Girl Scouting event, 6th in a 6 event series which began on the Montana State Capitol Steps. Interested in attending the Final Journey Through Girl Scouting event?  Register here!