Girl Scout troop leader brings Scouting overseas

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Jade Wisecup poses with her daughter, Lizzie, in Laurel at a 2009 Girl Scout Halloween party.

(Article by Sharon Krug of the Laurel Outlook)

A Laurel woman has stretched her Girl Scout leadership skills from one hemisphere to the other.

Wife, mom, deployed soldier and passionate Girl Scout troop leader is the mixed bag of labels describing Sgt. Jade Wisecup.

Right now, the Laurel mom is fulfilling a tour of service for the Army National Guard at Victory Base Complex (VBC) in Baghdad, Iraq.

While she is there, Jade is a troop leader to 18 Iraqi girls in Girl Guides, the equivalent to the American Girl Scouts. She learned about the program through a pop-up ad on her computer at VBC where she works as an internet network administrator.

She has attended Girl Guides meetings every Saturday for three and a half months. A translator helps Jade communicate with the Iraqi girls, who speak Arabic. She looks for crafts she can visibly show the girls how to do without much oral instruction. Iraqi girls start the program as young as age 2 and finish by age 13 when they begin fulfilling “womanly duties” in their households, she said.

Before her deployment, Jade’s life was much like that of other Laurel moms. She and her husband’s days were busy with work and the hustle-bustle involved in raising children and transporting them to their activities. Now, her husband, Robert, holds down the fort in Laurel, working a full time job plus taking on the role of Mr. Mom to the couple’s two daughters, Bella, age 2, and Lizzie, age 7, and their son, Alexx, age 5.

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