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SLeepover puppy

January is just around the corner – and with the new year comes some fun and exciting events!




  • The first BIG event will be the National Cookie Sleepover!
  • There is flexibility with this event. Most sleepovers will be held on January 12, but some will be on other dates.
  • The length of your event is also flexible – 2 hours, 4 hours, or all night! Depending on the ages of girls in your troop, you may determine what will work the best for you and your girls!
  • SLEEPOVER KIT – GSMW Council is providing SLEEPOVER KITS for $5.00. Kits include:
  1. The Cookie Sleepover Patch
  2. A pair of 3-D glasses
  3. A pillowcase – for a craft
  4. Kits may be ordered after January 2nd from GSMW Service Centers.
  • If you choose not to purchase kits, you may purchase a Cookie Sleepover Fun Patch for $2.00. Other kit items will not be sold separately. Patches may be ordered after January 2 from GSMW Service Centers.
  • A DVD player or Internet connection will be needed to view the 3-D movie:
  1. FREE OPTION: The 3-D movie was created by Little Brownie Bakers and gives hints and ideas for selling cookies. It can be viewed LIVE (at no cost) on the Little Brownie Baker website on January 12 at 8:00 PM, , or it can be purchased and viewed at another time…
  2. $4.00 DVD The 60 minute DVD will be available from GSMW for girls to view the 3-D Cookie Boxes/DVD. Purchased DVDs will be sold at our cost of $4.00 each. Please request one when you order your kits or patches and it will be included with your order.
  3. There will be breaks during the DVD during which girls can work on creating their own goals.
  1. A fabric pen will be needed for the pillowcase craft. If you do not have a fabric store where you can purchase a fabric pen(s), they are available online.
  2. Some options are:


  1. Other fun activities will be posted soon.
  2. AWESOME VOLUNTEER RESOURCES  including the Sleepover rehearsal video “Samoa Shout” song and dance!
  3. Girls are encouraged to bring their own cell phones, laptops, or tablets if they plan to interact (Girl Scouts – LIVE across the USA) with the program using Twitter and Facebook.
The National Cookie Sleepover can be your Cookie Rally or in addition to your Cookie Rally. See below information for FUN PATCH and Cookie Business badge information!




This is the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming FUN PATCH for the Sleepover! Read additional Sleepover post for information about this FUN PATCH.



  • Girls of all age levels have at least two Cookie Business badges to choose from and Cadettes have 3 choices.
  • To locate the Cookie Business Badges go to your Girl’s Guide for Girl Scouting and look in the badge activities for the guidelines.

Cookie Business Badges available:

  1. Daisy – Count it Up, Talk it Up
  2. Brownie – Meet My Customers, Give Back
  3. Junior – Cookie CEO, Customer Insights
  4. Cadette – Business Plan, Marketing, Think Big
  5. Senior – My Portfolio, Customer Loyalty
  6. Ambassador – Research & Development, P &L (profit and loss) and (Promise and Law).
  • Volunteers will want to visit the Little Brownie Baker VOLUNTEER BLOG for ideas and activities: . Additional optional activities will be posted soon. Watch for details.
  1. Wendi Giles says:

    How do you actually purchase the kit or the DVD? I cannot find the link on this site or the Little brownie site.

    • Contact a GSMW service center, or call 1-800-736-5243 (ext. 2001) and talk to Jami. Request a Sleepover Kit and/or a DVD. She will take down the information. The kit is being offered by GSMW not Little Brownie. If you prefer, you can email Jami at the GS store – Please let me know if you have additional questions.