Membership Renewals – Important news for troop leaders

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Update! 2015 Membership Forms are now available HERE!

Attention Troop Leader(s) – IMPORTANT REMINDERS for the 2014 Membership Renewals

Why is it important to log-in before Friday 09/27  5:00pm MST?

  • To ensure no log-in issues. To set up security questions if needed to reset password after Help Desk hours.
  • Confirm coding is correct to enable a leader to view troop management. Approval of code assignment takes time.
  • Check troop roster, make possible edits or updates.
  • Some changes can only be completed by council staff.  Please see Change of Member list below.
  • The help-desk is available M-F 8:30 to 5:00pm to provide support.

What happens to the Troop Management roster after Friday 9/27? 

  • Girls/adults who have not renewed their membership for the 2014 membership year disappear from the roster. The roster will only include registered members for the 2013-14 membership year. After 9/27/13, members who wish to renew must have the Guardian 1 register via Family Management The troop leader will not be able to register them but will be able to see them once renewed and transferred into the troop.

Should troop leaders use online troop management after 9/27 to renew lapsed members—prior year members who did not renew?

No. Adding previously registered girls/adults using “My Troops” after 9/27 will create duplicates and eliminate girl history in the database. The Guardian 1 of these girls should log-in and register their daughter requesting placement with the troop number their leader provides. To make sure all girls and adults continuing in troops appear on the troop roster, troop leaders should enter members’ missing email addresses in “My Troops” and email parents/adult members reminding them to renew by 9/27.

What types of transactions must be done by council staff?

Use the Change of member information  for the following:

  • Grade changes
  • School changes
  • Troop to Troop and Council to Council transfers.
  • Position code assignments – these are finalized by Council staff. To request a position code/assignment with multiple troops, you can either use the Change of member information or the eBiz Self-Reporting Feature available during membership renewal and the active link found on the upper right hand corner by clicking on the individual’s log-in name.  Then select active link “Add Volunteer Roles”.
  • Name changes – for example, spelling corrections, hyphenated names, new last names
  • Troop disbands – list names of girls and where they will be moving (to another troop or into the service unit as an independently registered girl)

Troop 2228 - Flag at Alkali Creek School 5-13-13