National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover!

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Activities for National Cookie Sleepover

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Spending time with other girls at the cookie sleepover?  What better time to work on a Cookie Business badge!  Girls of all age levels have at least two Cookie Business badges to chooose from  and Cadettes have 3 choices.  To locate the Cookie Business Badges go to your Girl’s Guide for Girl Scouting and look in the badge activities for the guidelines.

Cookie Business Badges available:

Daisy  –  Count it Up, Talk it Up

Brownie – Meet My Customers, Give Back

Junior  –  Cookie CEO, Customer Insights

Cadette  –  Business Plan, Marketing, Think Big

Senior –  My Portfolio, Customer Loyalty

Ambassador – Research & Development, P &L (profit and loss) and (Promise and Law)

Here are some additional  activities for girls to participate in while at the sleepover.

Activity #1 : Money handling and making change  – 2 activity choices

Activity A

Supplies: Paper money,  cookie boxes or some kind of similar box

  • Let girls know the cost of one box of cookies is $4.
  • Divide girls into partners or small groups
  • Give girls some play dollar bills
  • Girls take turns buying and selling packages of cookies to each other.  Girls can practice for sales door to door and for booth sales
  • Have girls practice making change.  Give them some possible scenarios such as:
    • A customer has a $5 bill and asks for one box.  What change do you give?
    • A customer has a $10 bill and asks for one box:  two boxes – how much do they owe and how much change do you give?
    • A customer bought 3 boxes and has a $20 bill. How much change do you give?
    • A customer orders four boxes of cookies.  How much do they owe?
    • Have girls write up scenarios of their own and share with each other!

Activity B

Supplies:  Index cards, poster board, pen or markers

  • Help girls make a “cheat sheet” of cookie prices by numbers of boxes bought
  • Write on a poster board what one box costs, two boxes, three boxes, etc.
  • If girls are old enough, have them figure out the costs and take turns writing amounts on the poster board
  • Have girls copy your chart onto an index card that they can take with them when they go door to door so they can easily calculate the amount of money owed
  • Girls can also decorate poster boards for booth sales to help customers and themselves figure out costs

Activity #2: Practice talking to customers – 2 activity choices

Activity A: Act it out

  • Girls practice their sales pitch and other selling tips
  • Can expand by asking girls ideas to practice and have them write them on the ball

Supplies: Beach ball or other plastic ball, permanent marker, masking tape(optional)

Use the permanent marker to write the following phrases randomly on the ball (or on masking tape affixed to the ball):

  1. Greet your customer.
  2. Share your goals.
  3. Ask customer if she would like to buy cookies.
  4. Recommend your favorite cookie.
  5. Suggest cookies as gifts.
  6. Say goodbye to your customer.


  1. Invite girls to stand in a circle.
  2. Explain that this game gives them a chance to practice some of the things they will say to their customers. Read the phrases written on the ball out loud.
  3. Instruct the girls that when they catch the ball, they must “freeze” their hands on the ball in exactly that spot.
  4. Rehearse the phrase that the hand touches
  5. “Pitch” the ball to a girl. Then, name a hand and finger (for example, left hand, pointer finger). The girl locates the phrase closest to that finger and demonstrates that part of her sales “pitch.”
  6. She then throws the ball to another girl and names a hand and finger.
  7. Continue until all the girls have had at least one chance to practice and all the topics have been covered.

Practice your pitch!

  1. Invite the girls to pair up and practice their entire sales pitch with each other, with one girl role-playing the customer.
  2. You may suggest girls follow the scripts on their order cards (if available).  If girls do not have their order cards have them write up sales scenarios and then act them out.
  3. As they perfect their sales pitches, encourage volunteers to perform their sales skits for the whole group.

Activity B: Role Play Puppets

Supplies: Paper lunch bags, crayons, markers or large socks (used or new), yarn, felt, tacky glue or hot glue gun (used with adult supervision), squiqqly eyes

Steps: NOTE:  If using paper bags for puppets girls will follow similar steps.

1. Explain to the girls the importance of being able to talk to customers when selling cookies. Customers will want to know things like the cost of cookies or why you are selling them. For this activity, they will practice what it is like to speak to customers, but first they are going to make some new friends to help t hem.

2. Give each girl one sock and tell the girls they will be making sock puppets that they will use to act out customer scenarios.

3. Have the girls put the socks on one of their hands so they can decide where they want to place their puppet’s eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. They may decorate their puppets using markers or may attach accessories with assistance from an adult or using tacky  or hot glue.

Once the puppets are made girls can act out scenarios.  Please note that girls may need to go onto another activity while glue dries and then come back to do the acting.

Prepare ahead of time:

Write or print out scenarios on notecards to give to individual groups.  Older girls can help you prepare these.  Sock or paper sack puppets

Steps: 1. Split the girls into four groups.  Then give each group one of the following scenarios to perform with their puppets.  If you have a smaller group, they may act out each scenario together.

  • Girl Scout friends are selling cookies together. They arrive at a house and an elderly couple answers the door. They are interested in purchasing cookies but they don’t know the types available. The Girl Scouts describe the different types of cookies. (Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Savannah Smiles, Thank You Berry Munch, Dulce de Leche).
  • A troop of Girl Scouts are working at a cookie booth. A mother and daughter come to the booth and are interested in purchasing cookies. While they are deciding on which type to buy, they ask the Girl Scouts what they plan to do with the money they earn. The Girl Scouts share that they plan to use the money to attend Girl Scout camp and complete a Take Action project.
  • Two Girl Scouts want to ask their teacher at school if she would like to buy some Girl Scout cookies. They enter her classroom after school so they don’t disrupt her class. Their teacher buys a box of cookies from each girl. The girls thank their teacher for purchasing cookies.
  • A Girl Scout is out selling cookies door-to-door with her dad. She approaches a house and a woman answers the door. The Girl Scout explains that she is selling cookies and asks the woman if she would like to buy some. The woman says she already purchased cookies from her niece. The Girl Scout says “Ok. Have a nice day!” and moves on to the next house.  Girls can practice letting the customers know about supporting the troops overseas if they are participating in this project.

2. Give each group a few minutes to practice role-playing their scenario.

3. Have each group perform their scenario for the group.

Also remember to check the GSMW Pinterest Pin Boards for additional FUN ideas, and check the Little Brownie Baker Volunteer Blog for great ideas! . sq sleepover