Special anniversary participation patch announced

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Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming’s first 100th Anniversary celebratory event is taking place in just a few weeks in Helena. For girls attending, a special participation patch–created by a Girl Scout–is available.

Girls attending any 100th anniversary event will receive a participation patch and matching candle. Collect all six candles for a complete set!

Events continue throughout 2012 in:

  • Casper featuring activities from 1932 – 1951 (date TBD)
  • Billings will celebrate a century of Girl Scouting during the 2012 Annual Meeting (March 30 – 31)
  • Cody featuring activities from 1952 – 1971 (April 21 – 22)
  • Missoula featuring activities from 1972 – 1991 (July 13 – 15)
  • Cheyenne featuring a sing-a-long at the State Capitol and activities from 1992 – 2012 (dates TBD)

Visit gsmw.org/100th-anniversary/events for the latest event announcements.

The Participation Cake Patch and location-specific candle is available to each registered girl attendee to any of the 100 Year events. Adults have the option of purchasing the patch and candle for $2.00. Additional candles are $.75/each.

  1. Lisa says:

    Anything happening in the Bozeman area?
    We are in West Yellowstone, and would love to be able to attend some birthday events with other Girl Scouts.

    • Cathy Speich-Ferguson says:

      Dillon Service Unit is planning a 100th anniversary event and sing along for our area. Maybe you can join us. We have not set the date yet.

  2. Anna Paige says:

    Hi Lisa! We are working on events throughout the council, and the best place for updates is at http://gsmw.org/100th-anniversary/events, where we will post events as they are announced.

    In Billings we will host a large celebration for girls and adults. Hope you can attend!

  3. Nancy Collyer says:

    Something Closer to Bozeman, Livingston, etc would be great I agree!!!

  4. genie thornsberry says:

    i have 2 girls in my troop the entered the 100th year annivesary patch contest. they are still waiting to hear who won. the 9th there was supposed to be an announcement of this but we have’nt seen anything. please let us know thanks

  5. Leslie Adams says:

    Hi I am a girl scout leader from GS Western Pennsylvania and was wondering if you have any 100 anniversary patches and candle still available to purchase.