Volunteer of the Month: March 2012

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Sherri Simonson

Sherri Simonson
of Havre, MT

Nominated by: Kali Jean Tuckerman

Sherri moved back to Havre 2 years ago and stepped right into many roles: Service Unit Manager, Registrar, Day Camp Director and any other roles that needed to be filled.  She has taken it upon herself to make sure that the GS House in Havre is here to stay!  She has secured donations for a stove, a fridge and paint on the outside.  She has cleaned the scout house up very well and has set in place a system for keeping it clean.  She even has a sign outside the house with her phone number that proclaims that Girl Scout Cookies are for sale and that people can call her to find them.

Most recently, Sherri was instrumental in helping council staff bring a “Blast from the Past” overnighter to Havre in celebration of Girl Scout’s 100 Year Anniversary.  As we were struggling to figure out what to do for food, shuttles and where to do the Sing-a-long, we found out that we suddenly had Taco John’s taco cart, donations from numerous local businesses including IGA and Coca-Cola, and were on to do a Sing-a-long at the mall prior to the Boy Scouts’ pinewood derby race!  Sherri worked tirelessly to help us make the celebration a successful event for more than 75 girls.  Also at the last minute she volunteered to make more than 300 cookies for the participants.

Her generous, energetic spirit is infectious, and she is a fabulous volunteer and leader.  We are lucky to have her!

  1. Helen says:

    Could not agree more! Sherri is wonderful in all that she does for the girls. I just moved up here from Great Falls and I am very thankful for Sherri! Greatly enjoy helping out and Sherri seems to make things great fun for the Girls!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am overjoyed to see Sherri get this positive recognition! Sherri was a leader and then SUM/leader in our Association 10 back here in Leonardtown MD for a few years. While Sherri has creativity, patience, a ton of energy, and the ingenuity to incorporate local resources in order to execute multiple levels and phases of the GSLE and wide variety of programs, she also has some characteristics that are priceless when volunteering as a leader (and other positions). Leaders/GS volunteers don’t just get to enjoy working with and guiding the girls, but also must interact with girls’ parent/s and sometimes the entire family. In order to maintain a steady and timely flow of all communication within a troop/SU AND to interact with all these adults requires some exceptional people, written, and verbal skills. Sherri has these skills and is astute when attempting to resolve the inevitable conflicts. (If you are reading this and are a scout/youth volunteer then you know exactly what I mean.)

    Attending to the abundant and never-ending disharmonies that occur with a handful of parents/guardians requires on the spot diplomacy. Sherri has always, during my experiences with her, gathered all the facts, listened to all sides (when applicable), and calmly addressed and explained/discussed whatever the issue is with the adult/s & youth as applicable. The only fault I saw in Sherri’s character was bending over to far to try to accommodate and include everyone’s wishes the best she could – I keep trying to tell her – we just cannot please everyone!

    IMHO, Sherri is incredible as a GS volunteer, mother of three, and a friend. In all of these roles that she juggles, she gives her all and then some; thus, I am sure happy she has received a pat on the back. She is most deserving.

    Leonardtown Maryland’s loss was Havre Montana’s gain!

  3. Sherri Simonson says:

    Thank you Helen and Cheryl.