Saturday, Apr 27, 2013
10:00 AM
to 5:00 PM
Knights of Columbus
Helena, MT
It's time to put on your detective caps and become a real forensic investigator! Work a mock crime scene with your Forensic Team and analyze the clues to solve the crime. From Sherlock Holmes to modern day DNA technology, solving crimes has always piqued human interest. Now it's time for YOU to become a forensic investigator! Representatives from local law enforcement agencies will speak about crime scene analysis and evidence collection. Then it's time to check out the 'scene' of the crime, collect the evidence and analyze it! Forensic science activities include: collection of evidence at the mock crime scene, examination of fingerprints, ink and handwriting analysis, fibers, and tool marks. See if you and your forensic team can solve the crime and catch the suspect!All girls participating will receive a CSI fun patch. Please bring a sack lunch. A light snack will be served in the afternoon.Register today to take part in this popular program and get a sample of the science forensics can offer.Please note that tagalongs are not allowed at this event.This event is open to girls in grades 6-12 and supervising adults.Registration deadline: April 12 Girl min/max: 10/40 Adult min/max: 1/3