Join the Juliette Low’s Birthday-in-a-Box Project!

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How do you plan to celebrate the birthday of Juliette Low, who founded Girl Scouts nearly 100 years ago?

A troop of Girl Scouts in Kansas are celebrating her October 31 birthday with a service project that has gone nationwide: “Birthday-In-A-Box.” Troops in more than 35 states are participating, and the Kansas Girl Scouts that started the movement hope for participation from every state.

A Birthday-in-a-Box is a self-contained gift box with everything you need to have a Happy Birthday party. Every person needs some recognition of their birthday. However certain circumstances occur that might not make that possible. A Birthday-in-a-Box can make a birthday more special.

Each Birthday-in-a-Box should be delivered to your local food bank or local charity office. The goal is to deliver no later than October 31st, 2011, Juliette Low’s birthday.

Each troop can undertake the Birthday-in-a-Box as a community service project by putting together one or more Birthday Boxes. This project is a way of showing that Girl Scouts care and Girl Scouting is an important part of your community. It is also a wonderful tribute to Juliette Low, founder of Girl Scouting.

Visit the group’s Facebook page for details and to share your participation.

  1. Brandi Windham says:

    What type of things go in the bag? Decorations, cake, etc type things or canned food for the food bank?

  2. Anna Paige says:

    Hi Brandi! Any items that would make a nice birthday are great for the package, and could include nonperishable items such as a cake mix and candles or party items such as hats, whistles, streamers, etc. A birthday card would also be a nice addition. Let your girls imagine what they would need for a nice birthday party and go from there.

  3. Jodi Dunaway says:

    Who do we deliver these birthday bags to at the Billings Food Bank? Is there a resource person in charge of this service project? Or do we just drop them off and they will know what the Birthday bags are about? Thanks for your help.

  4. Anna Paige says:

    Jodi, please work directly with the food bank in your area to deliver the items. I am sure they will be pleased to receive this donation.

  5. Catherine Stonehouse says:

    Our Troop #30179 here in Clinton Township, MI has participated in the 100th anniversay “birthday in a bag” community service project. Our troop consists of 9 11th graders at CVHS who put together 9 birthday bags!The bags include cake mix, frosting, can pan, paper plates, paper napkins, candles,plastic sliverware, invitations, streamers, balloons, gift bags, wrapping paper, thank-yous, and banners.

  6. JJ Robinson says:

    Baker, Mt Cadette Troop #2446 participated in the 100th anniversay “birthday in a bag” community service project. Our troop consists of 5 6th and 7th graders who put together 6 birthday bags! The bags were all done in blues, greens and black stripes as to not be gender specific and included Confetti cake mix, Confetti frosting, paper plates, paper napkins, candles, plastic sliverware, invitations, streamers, balloons, gift bags, thank-yous, and banners. And each girl made a home-made greeting card to send well wishes for the person who received the bag. All girls signed the cards and the bags were then delivered to our Community Cupboard. The bags were very well received and much appreciated!!!

  7. Nellie Suess says:

    Our Troop 437 did this last year and is continuing again this year. Thanks for such a great idea! We are wanting to do a community scavenger hunt at one of our meetings so that the responsibility doesn’t fall on just our parents. We have all age levels except Amabssedor this year. We have made themed bags, girl bags, boy bags, adult “over the hill” type bags, and pretty much whatever we can get our hands on. We donate them monthly to Martha and Mary’s Food Pantry.