Dabi competes in the Great Girl Scout Duckcathlon!

Duckcathlon — Tags: , , , — Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming @ 3:09 pm

Recently, while relaxing poolside with her friend Dashantae at the Thunderbird motel in Pocatello Idaho, Dabi had a chance to stop and finally read the Tag on her neck. Great Girl Scout Duckcathlon! Dashantae and Dabi decided to get started right then and there with their own bonus category of ‘most river and water activities’. Both jumped up and dived into the pool!

Where to next? Dabi and Dashantae decided on a Missoula tradition and headed out to float the Blackfoot River from Deer Creek to the Missoula Foot Bridge. Dabi is a natural floater.

While drifting down the Blackfoot, the pair stopped off to dive into the river from the cliffs at Rainbow Bend. Completing three river and water activities.

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