Dabi in Space?!

Dabi flew into Missoula, meeting her best Girl Scout Pals to Eclipsed the Moon and camp out at Journey Through Girl Scouting (1972-1991) held at the Historical Museum of Fort Missoula grounds.

Dabi in her rocket

Dabi discovered her inner Girl Scout scientist by exploring the worlds of Biology, Physics, Geology, and Engineering. She even visited some relatives at the UM Flight Lab. Who knew her bird cousins were the subject of so much research!

Inspired by all the women scientists she met, Dabi donned her best Sally Ride duct tape space suit, and climbed into the nearest bottle rocket.

As the crowd gathered, her Boy Scout ground crew began the count down.

3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF!

No small step for a duck.

Dabi later commented that as a duckling learning to fly she had experienced many daunting take-offs, but never one so electrifying! All there agreed she was a duck of Courage, Confidence, and Character — a Girl Scout.

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