Dabi on the Slopes

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Dabi grinds the rail

Dabi loves learning something new, and snowboarding was at the top of Dabi’s list of things to try. After dressing for the weather, she joined Girl Scouts from Montana City and Missoula to hit the slopes of Snowbowl Ski Area outside of Missoula in early January..

Dabi was happy to discover that the ski shop had a equipment in her size. She was fitted with a snowboard and helmet, and headed outside with the rest of the girls for her very first snowboarding lesson!

Dabi is a quick learner! She rapidly moved onto steeper slopes, the terrain park, and entertained the girls with her flurry of tricks. Needless to say, she didn’t quite land them all. All in all, they had an awesome day and plan to try “kite snowboarding” next!

In total, 25 Girl Scouts traveled to attend this beginner snowboarding lesson at Montana Snowbowl. Girl Scouts took to the slopes, many for the first time ever, and challenged themselves with this fun and difficult sport.

Special thanks to sponsor Ursula Johnson, who awarded four snowboards outfitted with bindings and boots to four lucky girls!  Congratulations to Claire L, Coryn R, Kylee M, and Abbie S for being selected as the snowboard recipients! We hope that this experience will encourage girls to continue to challenge themselves and pursue active winter sports.

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