Dabi’s Winter Recollections

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On this first day of May, Dabi’s ready for spring! But before the snow is totally melted, Dabi wanted to share some photos from activities she did this past winter.

Dabi tries skiing!

You’ll recall from a previous blog that Dabi tried out snowboarding, and she also hit the slopes with Cadette Troop 3756 of Stevensville to try out skiing. She even got to experience a trip to the Ski Patrol first aid room. Not to worry, all ended well and everyone had a grand time!

Dabi’s first snowmobile trip!

Dabi also hitched a ride on a snowmobile in Cook City.

The adventure took her up the Scotch Bonnet area to an elevation of 10,100 feet! That’s the highest Dabi’s climbed so far.

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