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Meet Dabi Duck! She’s just learning to fly and spread her wings, and she has landed in Montana and Wyoming to join the largest geographic Girl Scout council in the Universe!

This commemorative 100th anniversary duckie makes the perfect traveling companion, as well as the perfect companion to join girls in the Great Girl Scout Duckcathlon!

The contest has been extended to December 31, 2012!

Girls can participate as individuals or with their troop! Prizes are awarded for the top achiever in each category (troop and individual), and a grand prize will be awarded to the top achiever overall (awarded to the highest achiever in the most number of categories for both troop and individual).

In the case of a tie, the most creative photograph as determined by a panel of judges will be awarded as the top achiever.

How to participate

Are you traveling to a new place? Visiting a foreign country? Gathering with other Girl Scouts? Take a photo with Dabi – either as a troop or individual, and submit the photo to GSMW to share on Dabi’s blog.

Each submission must be accompanied with a brief paragraph explaining the event and how it applies to the following category:

  • #1. Duckie(s) that travel the furthest from home
  • #2. Duckie(s) that travel to the most states
  • #3. Duckie(s) that visit the most continents
  • #4. Duckie(s) that swam in the largest body of water
  • #5. Duckie(s) in the deepest snow
  • #6. Duckie(s) in the hottest climate
  • #7. Duckie(s) at the highest elevation
  • #8. Duckie(s) in the biggest city
  • #9. Duckie(s) in the smallest town
  • #10. Most duckies together in one spot
  • Bonus! Make up your own categories and submit it to share with others! What marvelous adventures will you have?

Email photo(s) and description to

How do I get my own Dabi Duck?

Girls can get their FREE Dabi Duck when they attend any of the council-sponsored Journey Through Girl Scouting events. Duckies are also available for purchase through any GSMW store for $2 (available for purchase in mid-December).

  1. Jamie says:

    If only it had been a little bit earlier :( My daughter and I just got back from AZ!

    • Anna Paige says:

      Hi Jamie! The Duckcathlon will be a year-long event, so there’s plenty of time to get involved! We hope you’ll both participate :)

  2. Penny says:

    Are there any council sponsored “Journey” events in Missoula? Our girls are traveling to China and would very much like to take their Dabi Duck to the Great Wall for a photo.

    • Anna Paige says:

      Hi Penny! Yes, there will be a Journey Through Girl Scouting, focused on the years 1972 – 1991, in Missoula on July 13 – 15. Will this be in time for your trip? If not, Dabi ducks will be available for purchase through GSMW’s Girl Scout stores in mid-December. The cost is $2 per duck.

  3. Kristen says:

    Is the Dabi Duck thing for the entire country or just our council?

    • Anna Paige says:

      Hi Kristen! Dabi is a Montana/Wyoming duck. She can travel anywhere with her Girl Scout friends and visit other councils, but her contest is for GSMW Girl Scouts. We hope you’ll participate in the contest!

  4. Edel says:

    What a neat idea!!! I am a Junior Troop Leader from USA Girl Scouts Overseas (Japan). Can our Troop adopt a Dabi Duck or is this just for your Council?

    • Anna Paige says:

      Hi Edel! The Dabi contest is for Montana and Wyoming Girl Scouts, but I’m sure Dabi would welcome an oversees adventure! It would be fun to see Dabi interacting in another culture. How can we get a Dabi your way?

    • Edel says:

      Thank you for your quick reply. Our Troop would like to order them for 6 Juniors and 2 leaders. Please send me information on how to do this including an email address. This is something I know our girls would love to do. We do a lot of international programs with the Japanese Girl Scouts. I’m not sure if you are ok if I introduce Dabi on our next Overseas Committee Meeting. Thanks again.

  5. Edel says:

    Thank you for this information. Do you ship to APO address? And how long does it normally take? I plan to order them on the first week of March (our Committee is getting ready for our Thinking Day event this week so we are busy). Our Troop would like to have Dabi join us on our 100 Years of GS Celebration on march 17.thanks again…

    • Anna Paige says:

      Edel, we will watch for your order. I’m not sure about shipping, but we will look into how to get you the Dabis! I’ve got a message to our store manager to watch for your order. If we have questions, just let us know the best way to reach you. I would encourage you to order them asap to receive them in time for your March celebration.

  6. Helen says:

    Wondering on the #9 event if it has to be a town that is listed in the census or if we just take the pictures of the girls at the small towns. As we are going to Billings next week there are serveral along the way. I know that a lot of the towns are not listed in the Census that I looked at for 2010.

    • Anna Paige says:

      Helen, what a great question! I know there’s lots of small towns across Montana and Wyoming. If there’s a population sign, I’d say it’s a town! We can’t wait to see the photos!

    • Helen says:

      most of the ones I have seen up here dont have population signs. I dont even think we have one here in Havre. Not that I know where it is anyways haha

  7. Kristen says:

    Could a category be for ducks to visit historical sites or famous landmarks/monuments? I have girls traveling to Washington DC in June for Rock the Mall.

    • Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming says:

      Kristen, absolutely. There is a special bonus section of the Duckcathlon where girls are encouraged to make up their own categories. Have a blast in D.C. and be sure to share the adventure!

  8. Kristen says:

    I had sent some more photos of my troop with Dabi. Will they be posted on the Blog?

    • Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming says:

      Hi Kristen, yes, we post all photos we receive of our Dabi Ducks. They may not be posted right away, but we are sure to get the photos up in a timely manner. Thank you for sending the fun pics of everyone enjoying Thermopolis!

  9. Amy Seilaff says:

    Can we send Dabi to relatives? Can Dabi be pictured without a girl scout with her?

    • Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming says:

      Hi Amy! Dabi can travel anywhere you’d like to send her, and we welcome photos from her travels. To enter a photo in the competition, Dabi must be accompanied by her Girl Scout.

  10. Kristen says:

    I would like to propose a couple of categories:

    Duckies that visit the most national monuments, and
    I am not sure how to word the category, but something like get the most interesting job or most interesting scene… something along those lines…

    • Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming says:

      Hi Kristen! Great ideas. We have a category where you can make up your own, so these would be perfect! Just make sure to include the category with your Dabi photo submissions.