Troop 3227 Travels to Washington DC with Dabi Duck!

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Troop 3227 - Travels to Washington DC!

Troop 3227 from Havre, MT, took a wonderful ten day trip to Washington DC for the 100th Sing-Along, June 9th, 2012.  While the troop prepared to travel with their travel buddies (six green rubber duckies) they got many goodbye hugs from our families as we left the Airport in Great Falls MT, June 4th.

The Dabi Duckies and Teen Scouts, embarked first to a trip to Williamsburg VA, where they enjoyed a day at Great Wolf Lodge, a water slide park and their second day at Busch Gardens, with roller coasters galore.  We traveled then to Southern Maryland to a military base with pools and pool tables and used this as our home base.  We then commuted in a 15 passenger van to the National Mall for the big Sing-Along; what a hot day that was!  But we had fun in the subway, singing “we got spirit, how about you” to the Girl Scouts across from us. The next day we took our Dabi’s to Medieval Times; a dinner and a tournament and we felt like such royalty.

On Monday, we journeyed back to DC to enjoy a day at the Museums, taking in the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum.  We found the state of Montana at the World War II Monument and let our Dabi’s go for a swim the Monuments fountain that very hot day.   As we headed to the Hard Rock Café for dinner, we stopped at the “Extra Mile”, Points of Light Volunteer Pathway a monument that honors individuals who selflessly championed causes to help others realize a better America, where Juliette Gordon Low is featured as #18 honorary. We had a pleasant surprise to see so many SWAPs at this Bronze Medallion.  We were very sad to have ran our out our own swaps.   As we journeyed around Southern Maryland, we took a pit stop at a special street our leader (a prior Marylander) knew about, “Juliette Low Lane”.  We piled out of the van to snap a picture of street sign that was named after our very own founder.

Our journey ends with a trip to the largest Cabbage Patch Doll Museum in the World.  We had lots of fun looking this incredible collection.  Our Dabi’s shared in the moment of fun with our toys.   Our Dabi’s and Scouts earned four patches while on this trip and they created memories to last a life time.

Information provided by Sherri Simonson