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Fall Product Sale – Leaders

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Learn How to Set Your Goals

  • As a troop, decide what fun activity and community service activity you all want to do and how much they will each cost.
  • Set your troop and individual goals so you can earn enough for the troop activities you all chose. Make sure to choose an individual goal that also lets you earn the girl rewards you want.
  • Make a plan for how you are going to reach those goals—make sure to use the online tools and NEW business cards.
  • Start selling, but remember to always follow the Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints and council guidelines.
  • Celebrate you accomplishments together!
Earn the Goal Achiever Patch
Sell at least 6 magazine subscriptions and 36 nuts/candy to earn this patch.


  • Tell your customers about your troop’s goal when sending out your e-mails
  • PRINT your Girl Online Sales Report for online magazines and for photo keepsakes and turn it in to your Troop Financial Literacy Program Manager by the deadline.


Customizable Business Card Tool

Customizable business cards are available—they direct customers straight to a girl’s online store!

So when girls are selling chocolate/nut items door-to-door in their neighborhood, they can present customers with their business card. It directs customers to the girl’s personal online store, so they can purchase online magazines and photo keepsakes.

The card needs to have the girls first and last name, troop number and Girl Scout Online ID number.  Need more cards? Click here: Girl Scout Business Cards or contact your local Community Development Manager for additional cards.

The Girl Scout Chocolates, Magazines Program and Photo Keepsakes offer great opportunities for girls to learn a lifetime of skills and earn troop proceeds for special activities.

It is the easiest way for troops to earn start-up money at the beginning of the Girl Scout year. Girls also earn great girl rewards and can use fun online tools to help them reach their goals.

Links to documents:

Some documents are large and may take a few moments to download.

Permission Slip – Fall Sale


Girl Scout Business Cards

http://girlscouts.qspgao.com/montanawyoming (link)

https://www.ashdonfarmsnute.com/home.aspx (link)

Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints

Fall Plan Book 2014

Fall Product Parent Letter

2014 Fall Program Dates

Delinquent Balance Form


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