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FAQs – Questions and Answers to Common Online System Questions

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Customer Profile Management:

The site isn’t recognizing my email address, so I can’t activate my account. We probably don’t have your active email address in our system. Contact the helpdesk to update your email address. Afterwards, you will be able to activate your account and use the site.


I forgot my username and password. What should I do?   The Forgot Username and Forgot Password links allow you to set up a new username and password. Please try those links first, if you still have problems contact the helpdesk and they can reset your username and password manually.


I forgot my daughter’s user name and I am trying to reset it, but it’s not accepting my answer to the hint question.  Contact the helpdesk so that a temporary password can be created for you. After you log on, be sure to create a new password from the My Account link.


I am trying to create a profile but it’s saying that a Duplicate Customer already exists. What should I do?   You are trying to create a profile when you already have a profile in our system. You should create a login. To create a login, you must have an email address in our system. If an email needs to be added contact the helpdesk.


I am a member and so are my daughters. Do I have to activate accounts for all of us? Yes. You will have to activate an account for each member in your family. You also will have to log in as each member separately to register her or to update her customer profile. You can use the same e-mail for all accounts; just create a username and password for each one. Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is working on an enhancement to this feature for a smoother process in the future.

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Membership Renewals:

I don’t see a girl in my troop. She says she already re-registered.  If she renewed online BY SEPTEMBER 29TH before 10:00 PM Montana/Wyoming Time (or midnight Eastern Standard Time), then she probably was in a different troop last year and is assigned to that troop.  After renewal is complete, fill out the Change Form so that Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming (GSMW) can transfer her to your troop from the system. If she submitted her paper membership form to GSMW it may not have been processed yet.


The site says my daughter does not have an active membership and I don’t see the option to renew. You likely created a profile for her instead of activating her existing account. This makes her a new customer and eliminates her history. Please contact the helpdesk for further assistance.


I get financial assistance for my daughter’s membership registration. Can I still register online? No. The only payment methods accepted online are credit cards and debit cards. Please send your paper registration with the Financial Assistance form attached to GSMW and then create a login for your daughters account online. Paper registrations available under “Join” tab.

I submitted my membership registration and money to council weeks ago, yet it says I haven’t renewed. Depending on high volume times, we may not have processed your registration in our system yet.  As soon as we do, you will see your up-to-date membership information online.

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When trying to donate, I only see predetermined amounts to choose from. What if I want to donate a different amount?

Currently, you can only select  preset amounts online; however, you may purchase donations in multiple increments, or send donations directly to Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, 2303 Grand Ave, Billings, MT 59102.

I typically make a donation when I register as a member, but can’t seem to pay for both at the same time. Am I doing something wrong? No. Renewals are pre-existing transactions that must be handled separately from all other transactions online. You should pay for your renewal, and then enter the donation in a separate order.

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Adult Training and Events: 

I’m registered for a class and I’d like to switch to a different day. You cannot request a refund or transfer to a different session online. Please email  GSMW for further assistance.

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New Member Registrations:   

I just registered my daughter as a new member online. What troop is she in? As a brand new member she likely hasn’t been placed in a troop yet. As soon as we place her you will be notified. There is currently no way to view your daughter’s troop online.


Can I become a lifetime member online? Yes.  You will see the option for lifetime membership when you go to purchase or renew your membership.


I just became a new member online. What can I expect now? You can expect to be contacted by one of our volunteers. An overview of what you can expect is available on our website under the Become a Member link. New volunteers will receive a welcome email. Volunteers register by completing the Volunteer Agreement.  Additional information is available at our online “‘VOLUNTEER” pages.


I do not see my daughter’s school in the list online, what should I do? You cannot add it yourself. Type in “other” as the selection we will have to add the school to our school listing. Please fill out a Change Form with the school name & address in the “Notes” section at the very bottom.


Can I update my daughter’s school or grade after completing her registration? I made a mistake. You cannot go back to the Member Profile after completing a registration and troop members cannot update this information themselves. Please fill out a Change Form.


I’m trying to register as a member but it says a duplicate customer exists. Can I continue? If you have a profile in our system you must start first create a login if you need to add an email contact the help desk .


Why does it ask for household income? We encourage you to voluntarily provide information on household income. This information will be used by Girl Scouts of the USA to help improve outreach efforts and advance the Girl Scout Movement.

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Programs and Events:

Can I register two girls for events at the same time? If you are under troop management, Yes. If you are in an individual account, No. You have to sign in under each girl’s account to register her for an event so that the registration is tied to her customer record in our system.


I just registered my daughter for a program. Where online can I see she is registered?  Select “My Account” and then click “My Order”. There you will see her complete order history.

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Can I pay my balance for camp online? Where do I go to do this? Yes. You can pay your balance under “My Account” then,  “My Orders”. Simply select the line with the balance and click “Pay.”


Can I pay my balance for camp online in partial payments? No. You can only pay the balance online with a single payment.  Partial payments can only be processed through GSMW headquarters by mail.

Can a troop leader pay off a balance for a girl or adult in her troop? No. The balance must be paid through the individual’s account.


Will my credit card automatically be charged the balance on the due date? No. For security reasons, we do not store your credit card information for later use. You must come back to the site to pay your balance.

Can I request a buddy online?  Yes. Under additional information.

Can I add Emergency Contacts, Food Allergies, or any other special info? Yes. Under additional information.

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Troop Management: 

I’m a leader but cannot access my troop online. First you must “self-report” to become an active leader.

What is self-report? Self-report is how you are coded in personify (our record keeping system), even if you have been a leader for years, everyone needs to self-report their positions every year.

How do I self-report?  Log on to your account, click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Under “How I participate” click the active green link “Add Volunteer Roles”. **Position code assignments are finalized by Council staff and do take time.  

PLEASE NOTE: It may take 5-7 days to process. It will show as “pending” or “in process” until then. If it has been longer than seven (7) business days, please contact the helpdesk .

As a leader can I add/edit an email? If you are an active 01, click on member’s name, under “My contact information”. You can add/edit the email, if you are not active yet, please please self-report.


I do not see some of the other volunteers on the troop list like the co-leader or cookie mom. They also must self-report. If it has been longer than seven (7) business days, please contact the helpdesk.


How may I update a girl’s address or phone number online? From Troop Management, click the girl’s name in the troop list. From there you will see you are managing the girl record. Make the edits and then save your changes.


A girl doesn’t appear on my troop list. If a girl said she already renewed her membership online, she likely was in a different troop last year. When you renew from “My Account” you renew to the same troop. We need to transfer her to your troop within the system. Please complete the  Change Form.


I’m a leader. When I try to access my troop online, the system won’t let me. Did you register online and self-report the “01” position? If so, it is likely that it still has not been approved by council. Once it is approved, you will be able to access your troop online. If it has been longer than seven (7)  business days, please contact the  helpdesk.


I no longer see the girls in my troop. What happened? I still need to renew some girls!  The troop list only shows active members that renewed before 10:00 PM, Montana/Wyoming Time (or midnight Eastern Standard Time) on September 29th. Members that did not renew by this time, automatically drop off the list nationally. That is why we underscore the importance of processing renewals prior to the end of the membership year.  If you have late renewals, you may have the guardian renew the girl via her individual account online, or send them by mail to the GSMW council to process (GSMW Membership, 2303 Grand Ave, Billings, MT 59102) . Your options are in the JOIN member page.


I have girls that I need to register after the 10:00 PM, SEPTEMBER 29th deadline, what are my options? You may have the guardian register them via the girl’s individual account; the girl will need to already have an email address on file with GSMW. If the guardian is unable to register the girl online, please submit a paper form to one of the GSMW service centers. A paper copy can be printed off at the JOIN member page. We STRONGLY encourage registrations to be submitted before the deadline: 10:00 PM (MT and WY time) on September 29th!


How do I add a girl who was in a different troop last year? Please ask the girl’s guardian or former Troop Leader to renew the girl’s membership. After the renewal is complete, please fill out the Change Form so that we can transfer her to your troop from the system.


Can I change an individual as a co-leader of the troop? Currently my co-leader does not have a position assigned.   Positions may be reported during member registration, or changed by the member from her “My Account” screen. Please note that all positions reported online must be approved by GSMW before they show as “active” on the troop. It may take up to seven (7) business days to process the change.


I don’t see an adult/girl on my roster. May I use the “add girl” or “add adult” button? Only if the member does not have a profile in our system. If the member has a profile, and you try to use the button, it will let you fill out the form entirely before giving an error message of “Duplicate customer already exists.” If you are not sure, ask the Adult/Guardian to, create a login or contact the helpdesk to verify if a profile exists.

I am a troop leader, and don’t see the “Troop Management” option in EBiz. How can I find this? 
This is a known issue with Internet Explorer. You can change Compatibility View to see this option. On the browser toolbar, click on tools (or press Alt + T) and then click Compatibility View so that it is checked. Wait a few seconds and the page will reload. Troop Management should be displayed now.

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Troop Program & Event Registrations:

I registered some of the members of my troop for an event. Can I see who I registered or print some kind of roster? Print your receipt when you place your order so you have a roster for future reference.


May I reserve spots online for a troop event without knowing the names of the girls attending? No. You have to select the girls who will be attending the event when you register them online.


The leader of my daughter’s troop registered her for an event online. Is there a way that I can see the registration when I log on? No.  Your daughter’s troop leader will need to print the registration for confirmation. GSUSA is working on an enhancement to this feature for a smoother process in the future.


May I change a participant’s name when a troop member decides to go in someone else’s place? No. All transfers must be handled by GSMW. Please do not select random girls to reserve spots for an event because the girl’s participation history will be incorrect.


I received an error message when trying to use my credit card to register my daughter for camp. Why? It may be related to your browser. Are you using Safari or Google Chrome? GSUSA is working with the software architect to increase compatibility with Safari and Chrome. Try using Mozilla Firefox. Empty your cart while in your current browser and re-add the items while using Firefox.