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Help Create Tomorrow’s Leaders

Your gift to Girl Scouting will help girls realize their dreams and become tomorrow's leaders. Through your generosity, they will grow into active and engaged members of their communities and develop their full potential in their chosen fields. Join us in helping girls everywhere.

Girl Scouts is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

Girl Scouts Works!

Girl Scout programs produce women who are:

  • More likely to vote
  • More likely to be leaders
  • More likely to engage in community service
  • More likely to attain higher levels of education and socioeconomic status, and are
  • More likely to be satisfied with their lives that non-Girl Scouts!

For as little as $12.00 you can purchase a membership for a deserving girl!

  • A gift of $36.00 to $50.00 can purchase a starter kit for a new Girl Scout!
  • $50.00 can purchase a day camp scholarship!
  • $120.00 can purchase memberships for 12 girls!
  • $350.00 can purchase a full camp experience!
  • Your gift of any amount can help a girl travel or provide a higher education scholarship!

Please select a gift amount that works for you - every gift adds value to the life of a girl and will help to BUILD girls of COURAGE, CONFIDENCE AND CHARACTER! Thank you for your donation.

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