Dabi’s Talking About Girl Scout Cookies

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Dabi with some of her Girl Scouts making door to door sales

Dabi was doing her part to tell people about Girl Scout Cookies. From chatting up radio hosts to hitting the streets, Dabi shared with everyone she could how the Girl Scout Cookie Program helps Girl Scouts develop 5 skills that help them become excellent leaders.

Girl Scouts and Dabi with one of their gracious radio hosts.

  • Goal Setting – Girl Scouts set cookie sales goals individually and with their team, create a plane to reach them, and develop cooperation and team building skills along the way!
  • Decision Making – Girl Scouts help decide how her team will spend their cookie money, furthering their critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help them in many aspects of their lives.
  • Money Management – Girl Scouts develop integrity and responsible business practices as they handle customers’ money.
  • People Skills – Girl Scouts learn how to talk to, listen to, and work with all kinds of people while selling cookies. These experiences help them develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills she can use throughout her life.
  • Business Ethics – Girl Scouts are honest and responsible every step of the cookie program. Their business ethics here reinforce the positive values they develop as Girl Scouts.

Although the cookie presale concluded on February 26, remember that Girl Scout Cookies will be available at a booth in your area on March 31! Visit the booth locator to find a cookie booth sale near you.

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