Dabi’s traveling!

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Dabi takes flight!

Dabi Duck is on the move! This nimble Duck Scout was seen flying over the Pacific Ocean, where she took some time to play at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, with Khamis of Troop 1049 in Cheyenne.

All aboard! Dabi catches a ride!

Dabi was also spotted in Mexico, where she spent a couple of days in the Gulf of Mexico.

While swimming in the ocean, Dabi was picked up by a passing sailing ship…filled with pirates! After dodging their attempts to capture Dabi, the crew and captain explained something very important: Dabi was aboard the Buccaneer Queen, a tour ship!

Dabi wasn’t in any danger at all, so she enjoyed taking in the natural formations around Cabo and was even allowed to pilot the Queen back into the harbor!

Check out a gallery of her recent travels. What adventures has your Dabi gone on? Be sure to let us know at dabi@gsmw.org.