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Building a Bridge at CTA

Girl Scouts tour CTA Architects in Billings. Thank you to CTA and businesses that support Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)!

Girl Scout STEM Outreach in Billings

Taken from an article by Allyn Harris  01.27.14

“…The girls constructed bridges out of pasta and marshmallows and then weight tested them with marbles and also made rocket balloons with straws and string.  Thanks to CTA for letting us use the basement conference rooms on the weekend and also to the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming for partnering with us to promote girls in engineering!  (Cookies go on sale Feb. 1 by the way…)…”

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Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming accept a grant from the Women’s Foundation of Montana.

A grant provided by the Women’s Foundation of Montana will fund 4 FLL Robotics teams in Montana! The 4 teams, for girls ages 9 to 14, will be located in Billings, Bozeman, Butte and Great Falls. The grant will provide funding for 40 Montana girls to participate.

The First Lego League competitions are designed to get children excited about science and technology. FLL teaches valuable life skills, team participation, public speaking, planning, and introduces kids to possible future career choices. Girl Scouts promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) opportunities for girls and thanks the Women’s Foundation of Montana for their generosity.

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming has had FLL teams participate in competitions for two previous years. The 2011-2012 FLL team, from Billings, won the “Inspire” award which qualified the team to attend and participate in the World Championships in Saint Louis, MO. With over 40 teams participating, the 2012-2013 Girl Scouts FLL team, from Bozeman took 2nd place in the overall presentation of their project. They will serve as mentors for the new Billings team.

The Women’s Foundation of Montana are creating a brighter future for women and girls. Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming and the 40 new participants say thank you!

Pictured are Sally Leep and JuDee O’Donnell of GSMW and Jen Euell and a board member from the Women’s Foundation of Montana. The girls in the photo will participate in this year’s FLL Robotics team located in Billings.

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Do you have photos of your Girl Scouts working on STEM projects? Please contact Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming so we can show them off! andreak@gsmw.org