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Timbercrest Camp – Resident Camp

Timbercrest Lodge

Timbercrest Camp is a summer campground located about six miles southwest of the town of Red Lodge, Montana, in the Custer National Forest. The site encompasses forty acres in a scenic location. Central facilities are clustered together and include the main lodge, activity cabin and arts and crafts area. The lodge houses the dining hall, camp offices, bunk rooms, and restrooms. Other housing units include cabins.

Rock Creek runs along one edge of the site and is a beautiful mountain stream with lots of rocks which the water splashes over reflecting the open sky. A grassy meadow unfolds on the property, acting as a natural playground and the hillside is covered with shady pines. The site is located near the Beartooth Pass, which leads into the Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks.

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Timbercrest Camp Camp is available for use by Girl Scouts and others who are interested in experiencing this special property for their upcoming family reunions, family getaways, etc. For additional information, please contact our office at:   lindsayb@gsmw.org.

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