Volunteer Agreement – If You Are Already a Girl Scout Volunteer

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Term of Appointment

Volunteer agrees to:

1. Meet membership requirements and register as a member of the Girl Scouts Movement.
2. Accept and work within council and GSUSA policies and standards.
3. Support the mission and values of the Girl Scout Movement.
4. Fulfill outlined position responsibilities.
5. Be supportive of the council and its activities and goals.
6. Meet with appropriate groups on a regular basis for on-going support and evaluation.
7. Affirm that the Girl Scout organization welcomes members of diverse demographics (race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic, ect.).
8. Complete position-related training within six months from the appointment date.
9. Follow safety guidelines and procedures of the council and GSUSA.

By entering your name and the date in this box and submitting this form you are signing this document, and adhering to Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming's policies and procedures.