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Girl Scout Branding Guidelines

Make sure to include at least a bit of green in every piece you produce.

The Core Colors are green, white and black.

The numbers are for printers to match color.

CMYK: c94 m0 y100 k0
RGB: r0 g174 k0

The secondary colors have been developed and specifically assigned to each grade level.

c80 m10 y0 k0
PMS 299
r0 g170 b229

c0 m60 y100 k65
PMS 470
r115 g57 b0

c53 m100 y0 k0
PMS 513
r171 g33 b142

c0 m98 y85 k7
PMS 186
r158 g11 b15

c0 m70 y100 k0
PMS 158
r243 g112 b33

c0 m40 y100 k0
PMS 129
r250 g166 b26

c0 m0 y0 k30
PMS Cool Grey 3
r188 g190 b192

Trefoils, Profiles & Service Marks
    • Click Here to download these Service Marks, Profiles, and Trefoils


  • If the piece/material will be mass-produced or public facing, the artwork MUST be approved by the Marketing Department. Use of the logo on any printed materials or merchandise by outside vendors must be approved by the marketing department.


Click on servicemark info to enlarge.





Branding Guide: Girl Scout Brand Basics 6-2014