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Welcome to the 2014 Fall Literacy Program!

The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming Fall Financial Literacy Program is a great opportunity for girls to earn a lifetime of skills and for troops to have additional funds for special activities. It is the easiest way for troops to earn start- up money at the beginning of the Girl Scout year. Girls also earn fun rewards and can utilize online tools to help her reach her goal. squiggle line

For Parents: Welcome back to another exciting year in Girl Scouts! At the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, we KNOW that a girl can do anything she sets her mind to! Through the Financial Literacy Program girls are learning the 5 basic skills that will continue to benefit them into adulthood.

  • Goal Setting – Girls set goals and, with their team, create a plan to reach them. This matters because girls need to know how to set and reach goals to succeed in school, on the job and in life.
  • Decision Making – Girls decide where and when to sell cookies, how to market their sale, and what to do with their earnings. This matters because girls must make many decisions, big and small, in their lives. Learning this skill helps them make good ones.
  • Money Management – Girls develop a budget, take orders and handle customer’s money. This matters because girls need to know how to handle money – from their lunch money to their allowance and (someday) their paycheck.
  • People Skills – Girls learn how to talk (and listen) to their customers, as well as learning how to work as a team with other girls. This matters because it helps them do better in school (on group projects, on sports teams, and on the playground) and, later, at work.
  • Business Ethics – Girls act honestly and responsibly during every step of the Financial Literacy Programs. This matters because employers want to hire ethical employees – and the world needs ethical leaders in every field.

What is the Girl Scout Nut, Candy, Magazines and Photo Keepsake Program? The Girl Scouts of MT & WY Fall Financial Literacy Program is a great opportunity for girls to learn a lifetime of skills and earn troop proceeds for special activities. It is the easiest way for troops to earn start-up money at the beginning of the Girl Scout year. Girls also earn great girl rewards and can use fun online tools to help them reach their goals.

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Who can participate? ALL registered Girl Scouts can participate—Daisies to Ambassadors. Girls who are brand new to Girl Scouts this year (starting October 1). Make sure to sit down with your daughter and Troop Leader/Fall Financial Literacy Program Manager to receive all the program materials and guidance for participation.

If your daughter’s troop is not participating or she is a Juliette (not in a troop), your Girl Scout can still participate in the program! Contact Ashley Picard ashleyp@gsmw.org for specific information regarding girls participating on their own.

By submitting the signed Permission Slip – Fall Sale to your troop’s volunteer, you are agreeing to take full financial responsibility for all products you receive. You are also committing to providing adult guidance for your Girl Scout at all times, including online activities.

Get a Receipt

Please require the troop volunteer to provide you a receipt for all products that you receive–count carefully! Also, obtain a receipt anytime you turn in monies to the volunteer. Keep for your records.

Select Preferred Girl Rewards

If there are multiple girl reward choices for a specific selling level, make sure you and your daughter circle your preferred choices on a copy of the order card and give to your Troop volunteer at the beginning of the program. This will ensure your Girl Scout earns what she wants when she meets her goal!

Don’t Miss Any Deadlines

Deadline dates (see 2014 Fall Program Datesare not flexible and parents must turn in money to their daughter’s Troop Fall Financial Literacy Program Manager for the products ordered. Please meet the schedule as outlined by the troop. Failure to pay will result in Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming initiating collection efforts on behalf of the troop, up to and including, taking legal action to collect outstanding funds.

Dive In

Assist your Girl Scout in completing the Address Booklet; it’s the EASIEST way for her to participate! The Address Booklet is a way for your Girl Scout to contact friends and family that she may not see face-to-face or have email interaction with during the program. Simply help her fill out the booklets with legitimate names and addresses. Each person listed in the booklet will receive one mailing (personalized by the Girl Scout who provided their name and address) directly from QSP regarding the purchase of a magazine subscription or photo keepsake certificate. Benefits of the Address Booklet:

  • Easy option – every girl can participate and there is no selling involved
  • Each girl earns the Branch Patch for her complete booklet turned into the troop
  • No money collection
  • No product to deliver
  • Troops earn $1.00 per booklet (9 complete names & addresses)
  • Takes only 10 minutes

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Online Girls’ Store Set Up

Through your Girl Scouts’ online store, customers can purchase a new magazine subscription, renew one they already have or purchase one as a gift. Girls don’t have to handle any money and all major credit cards are accepted. Have your Girl Scout use the below QSP site tools, with your supervision, to help spread the word.


NEW This Year – Photo Keepsakes from To Remember This!PhotoKeeps Everyone loves photographs and taking pictures. We now have products where you can save and share all those fun experiences. Create photo memory products such as calendars, photo books or invitations to celebrate and remember those most important life events. The Photo Keepsakes can be purchased online just like the magazines.

Send Emails Using the QSP Site

Your Girl Scout can safely send personalized emails (with photos and a special message) to friends and family asking for their support.

Included in the email will be two links; one to her online magazines and photo keepsakes store and another for online sales of chocolates/nuts.

In your Girl Scout’s special message make sure she includes her goals and the deadline for orders.

Girls earn the Online Patch by sending at least 12 emails or the Goal Achiever Patch with 25 emails sent.

online                 goal achiever

Customizable Business Cards
Girl Scout Business Cards are available—they direct customers straight to a girl’s online store! When your Girl Scout is selling chocolate/nut items door-to-door in her neighborhood, she can also present customers with her business card. It directs customers to her personal online store, where they can purchase items online.
Very Important—Fill Out Business Card Correctly.

For your Girl Scout to get credit for her online magazine sales, it’s really important that she writes her First and Last Name, Troop Number and Girl Scout Online ID number exactly how it appears on her QSP account. Help her find her Girl Scout Online ID number when you first register for an account on the QSP site. Most importantly be sure your Girl Scout reminds her customers to enter her Girl Scout Online ID number when they go online to purchase a magazine subscription.

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Social Media Posts Using the QSP Site

Fall photo 8 With just two clicks on the QSP site your Girl Scout can share her online store link through your Facebook and Twitter pages. Help her spread the word among your social networks to increase her results! Girls under the age of 13 MUST use their parent’s email address to establish their online QSP account—using the Facebook and Twitter features will automatically connect to the adult’s email address entered.  If your Girl Scout is 13 years or older, she can use her own email address (with your permission) to set up her QSP account, so that the Facebook and Twitter features link directly to her accounts.

All online activity should ALWAYS be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Delicious Chocolate & Nut Items to Sell—12 Varieties Your Girl Scout’s customers will love the chocolate and nut items, especially the Peanut Butter Bears—they were one of the best sellers last year! You’re welcome to drool as you look at all the goodies! Your Girl Scout can take chocolate/nut orders by going door-to-door in your neighborhood or by asking family and friends to purchase them at her online store.

Starting October 11th you can REGISTER and start sending e-mails! 

Mag Chocolate Girls

Tips Print out the Girl Online Sales Report to give to your Troop Fall Financial Literacy Program Manager by the order deadline date. You will receive an email from QSP as a reminder prompting you to print the report. Without the report, your troop volunteer cannot enter credits for online magazine sales or place the order to fulfill online Chocolate/Nut Promises! To improve your girl’s math and business skills, when delivering Chocolate/Nut items, allow your Girl Scout to collect the money for orders and make change. Remember, no money for magazine subscriptions should be collected – customers will always pay QSP directly.   During any Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming Financial Literacy Programs there are key dates to know and adhere to. Review the timeline below that lists dates/deadline with task explanations for you and your troops. Be sure to pay close attention to the items in green as these are your unique tasks for managing a successful season.


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