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What is “Ban Bossy”?

Ban Bossy is a new campaign Girl Scouts is doing in partnership with the Lean In Foundation. Lean In is a book by Sheryl Sandberg. Sheryl is the COO of Facebook and encourages women to be leaders in the workplace. The campaign began March 10, 2014. 


To launch the campaign, an article in Parade magazine was published on Sunday, March 9th, featuring Anna Maria Chavez, Condoleezza Rice and Sheryl Sandberg. They are featured on the cover of the issue. Parade article: CLICK HERE

The basic concept of “Ban Bossy” is, girls who have leadership potential are often labeled as “bossy”. The campaign goals are:

Encourage female leadership by:

  • Raising awareness of how we inadvertently hold girls back
  • Providing practical tips for girls, troop leaders and parents
  • Driving a national conversation about girls’ leadership

CLICK HERE for more about “Ban Bossy”. Download leadership tools and materials for girls, parents, teachers, managers and troop leaders! Check it out!